It was a dark and stormy night… just kidding I had to.

I am originally from the Southwestern region of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Grew up in a the rural county of Pulaski, Virginia. I am currently living just outside of Nashville, TN where I have lived for over a decade. I currently work for a company that specializes in live video production. I have been in and out of this industry for years. The chaos in the industry keeps me intrigued with the industry.  Whether it is the insane hours, the travel, the events themselves, or the chance to have experiences I never imagined as a kid growing up in rural Virginia it keeps me in the industry.

In the live production industry I have been a stagehand, LED tech, camera op, director and a ton of other random roles that make it interesting. You will find a good amount of my website and blog covering this area of my life. I mean I do it a ton of hours I might as well write about it, right?

Also in my life I have been a teacher, truck driver, manager, and a ton of different jobs varying in industries from hardcore corporate to outdoor recreation. Each and every job has taught me something and I am able to use my skills and knowledge from all of the past jobs to make the previous ones better.

I believe life is an adventure that is meant to be lived!