How to Adjust Scaling on a GrassValley Pulse



  1. Press Black
  2. Press Take
    1. This will take the video wall to black
    2. NOTE: Wall must be in black to change scaling!!!
  3. Press Menu
    1. Scroll to Layer
    2. Press Enter
  4. You can now change the settings
    1. H Pos – changes the horizontal start position of the image
    2. V Pos – changes the vertical start position of the image
    3. HV Pos – changes the horizontal and vertical start position in a diagonal
    4. H Size – changes the image size horizontally
    5. V Size – changes the image size vertically
  5. Make your adjustments and press enter after each adjustment
    1. Note: must press enter or it will revert back to previous setting
  6. Press SDI
  7. Press Take
  8. See how the changes look and repeat step one thru 7 as needed

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