How to Map a Video Wall using Novastar’s NovaLCT Mars Software


Novastar NovaLCT Mars is a common mapping software for the Novastar LED line of productions.  Today I am going to show you how to map a standard video wall using the software.

  • Open the Software by double clicking on the icon.
  • Log in Under User > Advanced User.
  • The password is either admin or 666 
  • Once you are logged into advanced user you should have the following screen.  Click on Screen Configuration
  • The following screen will pop up.  Click Next
  • This following screen will appear.  The three tabs at the top are for the three different components.
    • The default one you are on is the Sending Card.  The Sending Card is where you select the video source, the Resolution, Refresh rate and set if the processor is a slave or primary processor.
    • The Receiving Card is the next tab.  This tab will let you send cabinet files to the video tile receiving card.
    • The third Table is Screen Connection.  This is where you tell the processor which video tiles are in order so it can draw the map.
    • Click on Screen Connection
    • This is what the Screen Connection screen looks like.
    • Click Configure in the upper right corner to start mapping the screen
    • This is a blank screen 
    • Click Sending card 1, Port 1 and draw a map.  In my example it will start at the top left of the screen.  Which starts at Top Stage Left if you are behind the wall.  ALL SCREEN ARE DRAWN FROM THE FRONT OF THE WALL.  
      • On our map we are drawing a map for a 3.9 product which is 128 pixels wide and 128 pixels tall.  You can see that on the left side of the screen.  This is important to set.  This is so the map knows how many pixels are in each tile.
      • Hit Send to HW and your wall should be mapped

You can do fancier screens and I will show that in later tutorials where you map walls that are not square or have spaces in them.

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