How to Upgrade Firmware on Novastar LED Video Tiles


It is important to keep all your LED video tiles on the same firmware version as you processors.  In our cases you it is Version  To update you need to upgrade the Novastar LED receiving cards to the same version.

  • First thing you need to do is log in as an Advanced User
  • Than type 666888 This brings up the following screen
  • Next click Refresh to show you which firmware versions you have.
    • For me it is MRV_300_V4.5.0.0
    • Click your version then click Update
      You should have this dialog box.
    • Select ALL Receiving Cards.
    • Click OK

At this point your firmware should be up to date.  IT is as easy as that.  Now the fun begins.  Get all your processors and receiving cards on the same firmware will take a while but should be worth it.


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