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Over the years. I have had many different jobs.  Jobs from in many industries and at various skills level. I have been told I need to choose one career and stick with it in that industry.  I have found that the variety of experiences I have had have helped me in all my careers.  I have a tendency to get bored easy, once I do not feel challenged.  At a certain point I start looking for new challenges, adventure, and new things to learn.  I think challenges and continuous learning is what keeps us “young” and happy.

In my life have been a raft guide, a backpacking instructor, truck driver, college teacher, manager in various industries, a roadie and now I am hanging out in the live production industry.  All of these jobs have taught me something.  One of my favorite things it has done for me is give me lots of good stories to tell.  I feel this is what makes you interesting to others, something to say, something to teach others.  The more we do, the more stories we have.

Get out there, live life of adventure.  Look around you, learn something new everyday and have experiences so you can tell others about them.  Make sure when you are old and sitting on your porch you have good stories to tell your children and grandchildren. In my case you tell anyone that will stay around you long enough to hear to you talk all the time!

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