Trucking – a unhealthy obsession.

My Melton Truck

If you know me you probably know I have driven a truck and have a unhealthy obsession with it. I am sorry, not sorry. It is in my blood is all I can say. My dad drove and I feel like a little part of him is with me when I am on the road in a truck.

The above picture is a shot of my Melton Truck when I ran flatbed.  This is when I drove for Melton Truck Lines out of Tulsa Oklahoma. I loved driving a flatbed and having a cool truck to roam across America in was a thrill to me. Trucking is hard on the family so I came off the road and back into live video production where I am today. At least I still get to drive trucks as part of my current job.  I do love it.

I do have a unhealthy obsession with them.  Not sure why I enjoy it as much as I do but it’s part of who I am.  I am sure you will hear lots more about this as time goes on.  Truck YEAH!

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